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Jet Set Radio - Beat - Game Classics vol.2 (Union Creative International Ltd)Jet Set Radio - Beat - Game Classics vol.2 (Union Creative International Ltd)

Jet Set Radio - Beat - Game Classics vol.2 (Union Creative International Ltd)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
H=120mm (4.68in)
12/26/2017 As Standard
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4 kuukautta sitten
I just received him!
I'm glad I have him, but for what you get, he was definitely super overpriced.
He looks great though! The joints are a tad loose, but the legs have nice range.
The spray can that came with mine has the peg hole on the same side as the spray nozzle.....so he's spray painting the inside of his hand. Oh well.

I do love the paintjob on him. The colors are nice and he's well painted, and the sculpt looks really good. The stand details are super cute! (But the stand itself is....eeeeeeh)

Overall, he's really cool, I'm glad he got a figure and I'm happy to have him in my collection, but he's way too expensive, and comes with basically nothing but the hands and spray can.

Also the stand isn't very great. Like visually it has a cool design, but functionality-wise it's very meh.
10 kuukautta sitten
Beautiful sculpt, but would it have killed them to include just a cutout of a tag or something to attach to the spray can?

Worse than that though is that the joints on mine are all kinda loose and the left hand is split at the wrist joint, making it drop off if you so much as look at it.

I'm gonna have to look into whether the sockets are too tight or the pegs too weak to see why the joint splits. At least it's not genuinely broken. There's hope yet!
11 kuukautta sitten
It's a fantastic figure, but it really depends on how much you love JSR. The figure itself is awesome, but with just two options for hands and the one accessory it seems kind of bare bones for the price.
11 kuukautta sitten
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