Real Historical Character - Sakamoto Ryouma - Historical Figure Museum Part 2 - Nananin no Kengo (F-Toys)Real Historical Character - Sakamoto Ryouma - Historical Figure Museum Part 2 - Nananin no Kengo (F-Toys)¥ Osta¥ Osta

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Ryuoma Sakamoto appeared in Tosa Clan as an 2nd son of Goshi (soldier) of Tosha Clan. When he was young, he trained Ouri-ryu Hei-jyutsu (soldier technique) and he mastered Hokushin-Itto-ryu (*1) in Edo later.
Ryoma participated in Tosa-Kinno-Toh (*2) at first, and became the loyal supporter of the Emperor. However, he escaped the clan afterwards. Ryoma met Kaishu Katsu and other while he traveled around the country. And,he came to have thought of opening the country to the world. Ryoma established the company that named Shachu (Kaientai at later) for the marine transportation and the trade in Kameyama, Nagasaki. Also Ryoma mediated the conclusion for Saccho-domei for Satsuma & Choshu that were conflicting at the same time. So he became the key mover to make the Ishin (restoration succeed). He planned 8 planes of modern multistory unified country (Senchu-Hassaku). He proposed the restoration of the imperial rule (Taisei-Houkan). However, Ryoma was attacked by the assassin and had been killed on 2nd floor in Oumi-ya, Kyoto immediately before the plan was achieved. Age at death:33 years old. Ryoma was exchanged with Shinsaku Takasugi, Kaishu Katsu, Takamori Saigo, Takayoshi Kido etc. who were samurai in east and west where they tried to change Japan. Ryoma solved the problem of difficult politics by a bright, optimistic character. In the end of shogunate of confusion, his behavior that kept chasing the dream in a new age, is loved by still a lot of fans today.

*1 Hokushin-Itto-ryu
It is a sect of Sword technique with Itto-ryu that Shusaku Chiba started. Genbu-kan Dojo (school) of one of the Hokushi-Itto-ryu is assumed to be one of three major Edo-Dojo. The Dojo became popular for be praised with about 3000 students or more.

*2 Tosa-Kinno-Toh
It was one of loyal supporter of the Emperor that organized with Zuisan Takechi of the Tosa clan. It conflicted with Yodo Yamauchi (domain lord of Tosa clan) who supported the union of the emperor and the samurai (Kobu-gattai).
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