Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly - 1/6 (Kotobukiya)Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly - 1/6 (Kotobukiya)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Final Fantasy VIII - Rinoa Heartilly - 1/6 (Kotobukiya)
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1/6  H=280mm (10.92in, 1:1=1.68m)
04/1999 As Standard
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Includes collector's card


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Have squall too.
4 kuukautta sitten
Looking to sell my complete set. All 6 figures, all in excellent shape, all in original boxes with numbered character cards. Send me a PM if interested!!! Offers are welcome!

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Selling Rinoa, Squall and Seifer without boxes - just (PM) an offer.
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Anyone selling?
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Rekka5 vuotta sitten#3292398Looking for her for a good price. =) PM me!

Still looking!
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Looking for her for a good price. =) PM me!
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Ah FFXIII! My first FF game. My first RPG. I need this because of the nostalgia!
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omg omg o.o got her for 36€ on ebay! MIB O.O
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