Melty Blood - Arcueid Brunestud - Extra Figure #4 (SEGA)Melty Blood - Arcueid Brunestud - Extra Figure #4 (SEGA)¥ Osta¥ Osta

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Melty Blood - Arcueid Brunestud - Extra Figure #4 (SEGA)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
H=180mm (7.02in)
11/2007 As Standard
Japanilainen9,730 osumaa • 6 kommenttia1 suosikki



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7 kuukautta sitten
grrrrr Arcueid is the last thing I would call tsundere
3 vuotta sitten
Bought her from Ebay new for $4. :O Wasn't even looking for her, but couldn't resist that price. XD
She's very pretty even though she's almost 6 years old.
7 vuotta sitten
michelle ruff is the best :P
8 vuotta sitten
an idiot is trying to make Arc tsundere?
oh...how rude of me
9 vuotta sitten
The tsundere tag should be removed. Arcueid is the furthest thing from a tsundere. >:
9 vuotta sitten