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Urusei Yatsura - Lum Invader (Dive)
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H=230mm (8.97in)
06/2011 As Standard
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I honestly can’t believe she’s not more in demand. This Lum Figure is not only a lot larger than I expected, but the quality is really great! Her hair is beautiful and full, and her outfit is actually textured to look like fuzz. The expression, paint, sculpt and pose is so on point
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It goes without saying 'wait for the colored version' but I kinda like this one. Its quite dynamic compared to other figures nowadays. The series non-changeable face.
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Lum is getting a lot of attention recently =)

I'm not very thrilled about this prototype, I'll wait until she's colored.
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damn...yesterday when I saw it , I think : please no Dive , please no Dive

it's so expensive , I think... need a scale,material and color XD
and maybe I can think to buy her!
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