Original Character - Dakimakura Cover - Nihon Joshikousei Zukan  (22) - Kokubunji Misa (Nijirushi)Original Character - Dakimakura Cover - Nihon Joshikousei Zukan (22) - Kokubunji Misa (Nijirushi)¥ Osta¥ Osta

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Nimike (otsikko)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
W=500mm (19.5in)  L=1,600mm (62.4in)
04/28/2017 As Standard
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The question is, this or the Fetish Ver. (www.amiami.com/...)? I'm leaning more towards this one, and grabbing the Fetish Ver. of the tapestry (that way I have a version of each). I kind of find the idea of her un-dressing in this version more appealing than her being outright naked in the Fetish Ver. The Fetish Ver. of the tapestry has her removing her underwear so the appeal is still there, expect she has no bra on where she does in the non-Fetish Ver.
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