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Edenite7 kuukautta sitten#76037518Feel like a broken record but prototype?

Man, the last figure have been delayed 3 or 4 times, almost a year of difference between the original release date.
At this rate, we'll get the vaccine before that figure. So, with these circunstances, we'll see the prototype maybe near 2022 or even later.

And I understand you, the 'sins' line were released too fast compared with this one. Even characters, re-paints and other versions were added.

I guilt to the anime of this, with such poor work the people are not interested, but all the companies are abbandone this kind of lines. I have no see anything of Queen's Blade(even with a reboot), Bikini Warriors or this line.
And I cannot imagine why.
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Feel like a broken record but prototype?
7 kuukautta sitten
Prototype soon?
8 kuukautta sitten
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She looks like Blanc from Hyper dimension neptunia when shes tranformed to White Heart. Not a bad thing. I love Blanc, she's my favorite. This is my favorite so far out of all the other seven virtues.
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These are part of the whole 7 deadly sins line right? Except their counterparts?
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I see what you did there.
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I really like these designs! They're pretty robot like to counter the horned sins. I see her as a sort of mashup of KOS-MOS, Rei and Metis.

So far her, Michael, Kindness and Chastity (robot bunny ears!) are my favourites.
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Out of all of these, this one has the best design. :)
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