Fate/Grand Order - Martha - EXQ Figure - Ruler (Banpresto)Fate/Grand Order - Martha - EXQ Figure - Ruler (Banpresto)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Fate/Grand Order - Martha - EXQ Figure - Ruler (Banpresto)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
H=220mm (8.58in)
01/18/2018 As Prize
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I bought this unopened from amiami. The hair smells very chemical at first. After some time the smell went away but her hair caved in. It now looks wrinkled with dents around the size of fingertips. This is my only figure that does this. It appears the manufacturer used a new plasticizer formula that doesn't age well.
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Felt compelled to comment on my particular copy because I'm not as satisfied as others appear to be. A fair number of flaws are the cause …

First I had the head insertion issue as others have had. Lightly buffed the peg with my Dremel brush tool and then gave it a shot of dry silicone. Got it in but you can still see a seam towards the back of her neck from her right.

Paint was generally good … above average for a prize figure with two exceptions. I had a paint streak on the front of the stand at nearly dead center. Can't exactly ignore a dark mark on a white stand. Was able to remove it with some effort. Her hair however I can do nothing about. It is inexplicably two-toned (well, actually three) with abrupt transitions and in weird spots. Mine has two tones of lavender and plum purple for hair color. The very edge of her bangs are plum purple that quickly change to the darker of the two lavender colors. All of her upper hair is this darker lavender color. The transition to the back of her hair then goes back to plum purple and is stark but not overly so. Her twin tails are another story. The upper 2/3 of each is a lighter lavender found nowhere else in her hair which very abruptly becomes the plum purple color at the bottom. A bit of a mess.

Stability on the stand. The heel peg on her left leg doesn't fit into the stand well. It doesn't seat all the way in and can easily pop back out. The ball of the foot peg mostly compensates for the heel peg so no real concern but bears mentioning. Might try sanding it to see if it goes all the way in or just glue it.

Her toes on each foot are a noticeably lighter color than her legs and other body parts. Changes in angle or light don't seem to rectify the matter. Harkens back to the Max Factory Shining swimsuit girls and their skin tone issues … Yes, Xecty and Ryuna, I am talking to you two in particular.

I mentioned the neck seam earlier but it is not alone. There are several throughout (the bit between her breasts right above the red bow, coming off of the bra strap across her left breast, her right buttock/panty line, the left bicep/tricep/glove interface, etc.). I can ignore all of these but the one at the red frill on her panties starting directly below her belly button and going almost to her left hip NO ONE can ignore. A large gap is present, almost like the abdomen mold was not entirely filled with plastic on the production line. Once seen it can not be unseen and the eye tends to draw towards it. Ugh and double ugh!

I suppose I shouldn't be too harsh as it is a prize figure that only cost me roughly $17.50 shipped to my door … :-\
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Got her just 2 days ago. And she's nice, for her price.
Yes, you can't compare this to PVC figures with high quality like GSC's, Alter's, etc.

but for her price, this is a nice purchase. Mine got some nubmarks here and there, and her neck connection doesn't really fit well if you look closely. The ribbon at the center of her bra is also somewhat slanted at mine. but taking a good photo of her, is not difficult at all. a decent figure, mainly because we lack of martha figures... haha.
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Putting the head in is a bit of an issue for some people so take care of that and this is a really good figurine for its price.
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For 20 bucks
She really f-ing good
For reference she's about a 1/8
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zferolie2 vuotta sitten#29815120Is there a reason why she is so cheap? www.crunchyroll...
20 bucks seems really cheap for a figure. and an 8 inch figure at that

It's cheap because it's a cheap line. You aren't going to get a fully painted figure with shading and an intricate sculpt like a more expensive scale would have.

What you will get is bare minimum paint that is decently applied over a figure mostly molded in color. So it will definitely have a "plasticky" feel to it. You'll get a decent sculpt but nothing particularly amazing and there may or may not be some nasty seams depending on how well they can hide it.

If you like what you see and can get cheap shipping you'll probably be quite happy. Check out some already released ones to get a better idea of what to expect with a final release vs these early promo/event shots.
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Is there a reason why she is so cheap? www.crunchyroll...

20 bucks seems really cheap for a figure. and an 8 inch figure at that
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can't wait to see her painted!
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