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MajesticOtaking Odayaka janai!
I'm actively hunting this! If anyone sees one for sale someplace, please hit me up!

I'm trying to avoid the site-which-won't-be-named in favor of an official one...even though he's still available there...
2 kuukautta sitten
For anyone who wasn't able to get him at wonfes, the site-which-won't-be-named of garage kits has him up for order.
1 vuotta sitten
Dang it look so good in GK hope for prepainted..
2 vuotta sitten
Looks really good, too bad it's a GK. I didn't know people still liked .hack.
2 vuotta sitten
We need more .Hack figs in general
2 vuotta sitten
I would love a nice scale figure of Kite! Heck, I'd love a reboot of the original game set to go along with it, if I may be so hopeful >u<
2 vuotta sitten
Yuinna Mayor of Titty City
DUUUUUUDE, I NEED this Kite in my life...
2 vuotta sitten
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