Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Nekopara - Chocola - 1/7 - Race Queen ver. (Hobby Max, Mimeyoi)
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1/7  H=235mm (9.17in, 1:1=1.65m)
05/24/2021 As Standard
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Fairly happy with the paintjob on mine. There was some small white powdery marks that easily came off around the top of the sock on one leg.

As others have said, the way the umbrella works isn't good enough. It couldn't be trusted in a Detolf on floorboards let alone a country that has earthquakes. Whoever designed that clearly wasn't paid enough to give a flying monkeys. :(

The arrangement on Vanilla's is acceptable but still not great.
1 päivää sitten
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giantenemykat red tomorrow, red today
brand new in stock amiami 15,950
4 päivää sitten
giantenemykat red tomorrow, red today
19K A/B amiami right now

wow, twice, might have to consider her lol

(with bonus!)
5 päivää sitten
giantenemykat6 päivää sitten#9798820020k A/B on ami rn

Thanks, just snagged a brand new one for 16k. Lucky i just checked mfc just now. When the payments is through is can cancel my more expensive po and save myself about 50 euro. My hero for the day
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giantenemykat red tomorrow, red today
20k A/B on ami rn
6 päivää sitten
I made a YT video of this chocola figure. Subscribe & turn on notifications to see vanilla plus lots more <3

6 päivää sitten
hi, looking for her, maybe with vanilla depending on price for shipping to the U.S. at a decent price. PM me please!
13 päivää sitten
didnt got them now but what i can say is, i like vanilla, but chocola not that much xD
13 päivää sitten
Got her (and Vanilla) and... wow... so disappointed. The paint job looks cheap and I am not a fan of the shading on Chocola, she has various painted spots, the ribbon looks like it's barely glued together, her mouth is genuinely weird because it looks like it's fused with her nose. The finicky Umbrella is the least of my worries. I have like half a dozen Nekopara scales so far and these two are the worst ones yet. For me the most telling thing is that not even the bell has been modelled properly while all my other Nekopara figures - even Nendos and Pop up Parades - have a higher quality bell.

Will probably sell them both...
13 päivää sitten