Naruto - Kyuubi - Uzumaki Naruto - HQS - 1/8 (Tsume)Naruto - Kyuubi - Uzumaki Naruto - HQS - 1/8 (Tsume)¥ Osta¥ Osta

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Limited to 1600 pieces.

Included with the French Naruto Blu-ray collector's edition released by Kana Home Video.


looking to buy if anyone's selling. please pm. thank you.
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Hey bro you still selling tsume naruto kurama hmu
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Selling mine new and sealed still in shipping container.
999€ and free shipping, depending where you live.

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RodySoul ♥️
...and sold out...

3 Statues are in stock at AllBlue World (German Shop) at the moment. (stated by them through Instagram)

If you want one (for regular retail price aka 599€)...this is your chance! :D

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RodySoul ♥️
The Duo is scheduled to be delivered to me today...I can't wait to finally get them after such a long time!! QwQ

Edit: Of course I was "lucky" and my certificate was missing the sticker...xD (everything else was there)

But I have to say they were really helpful and fast...got the missing sticker and a written apology letter in the mail a week later! :3

Now it's finally complete <3
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Looking for this if someone is selling! Please PM
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They are much bigger than anticipated! Perfect expression as well. Unfortunately, the statue is too big for my Ikea Besta. D;

I did record an unboxing. Feel free to watch:

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If anyone is selling this close ot the original price, PM me! I was put on a wait list for it but never paid or even got an email, and my desire for them is still high! I'll pay the extra shipping of course!
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