Azur Lane - Prinz Eugen - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)Azur Lane - Prinz Eugen - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Azur Lane - Prinz Eugen - Dream Tech - 1/8 (Wave)
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1/8  H=215mm (8.39in, 1:1=1.72m)
08/26/2020 As Standard
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THICCLING Queen's Watchdog's Wife
I regret not pre-ordering her ahhh
16 päivää sitten
Got mine today & one small defect with a tiny bit of excess glue under her breasts. Can see the gloss if you shine a light there. Not enough for me to bother inquiring about.

After that the only design flaw I see is how her faceplate/head is divided as the seam really stands out if you look at her head from the right side.
17 päivää sitten
I got her today and I love her - she is perfect! Wave did an awesome job on her, she is definitely one of my favourites!
18 päivää sitten
She’s even sexier in person, if it wasn’t for Ques’ Shuten I’d say her ass is the best I’ve ever seen.
19 päivää sitten
syfan23 päivää sitten#82707252The clear plastic rod that was packaged next to the ring attaches to the base in the small hole behind the support for the ring. It supports her hair well enough such that I don't need to put her against something else to stay up.
Indeed the clear plastic rod supports her hair perfectly! I somehow missed the plastic rod while assembling it since it is so small and no instructions were included. Now I have not a single complaint about the figure would recommend.
21 päivää sitten

Age-restricted because YouTube is PrudeTube, and I want to be safe. No nudity, only tiny bikini.

DHL did good and got Boobgen to me in a day. I honestly wasn't expecting too much from this figure as I have a few Wave figures that are a little on the meh side. Well, the other's before me were right, they knocked it out of the park with Prinz Eugen! The sculpt is great, the paint is great, her skin is nice and smooth, and the bikini is about 3 sizes too small. All of her curves are accentuated. The hair, while it lacks any shading, does fade to translucent tips. She is much larger than a typical 1/8th, and is closer to a 1/7th. There are a couple tiny flaws in the finish of the figure if you look close enough, but nothing worth complaining about. I am very happy with her.

Of course, we can't just gush without talking about the negatives. While she is rather simple to figure out, Wave chose not to include instructions. As I said, they aren't really necessary, but they would have been nice. As mentioned below, she does just rest on her floaty, and her hair is really heavy and she would fall backwards without any support. Wave did include a small support rod for the hair which pegs to the base in behind the main figure support, and then her hair slots into some groove on the other end. The support rod is pretty tiny, and feels a little on the flimsy side. At least on my copy, it required a lot of force to be inserted into the base, and it doesn't easily rotate afterwards. As it's not keyed, you should really make sure of the alignment before you push it all the way in. Also, even though her head is on a ball joint, this support does really limit how you can position it.
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