Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Aya - Bome Special Ver. (Kaiyodo)Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Aya - Bome Special Ver. (Kaiyodo)¥ Osta¥ Osta

Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Aya - Bome Special Ver. (Kaiyodo)
Mittasuhde & Mitat
H=200mm (7.8in)
07/2005 As Standard
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Selling her.

Price proposals desired
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Soliloquy Bang Bang
Selling here with a bunch of others! Will make Christmas deals, I just had ankle surgery so I'm out of work and need money to buy my family presents! <3

she does have vinyl stick*
2 vuotta sitten
The paint of her leg is verry bad!!

I can almost look tro the legg.
4 vuotta sitten
Have the hair variant of this figure for sale! Please contact if interested.
4 vuotta sitten
$ 15.88 (¥ 1,650)
6 vuotta sitten
The paint could be a little better, but I still really like her.
8 vuotta sitten
gksilkamina By the Power of Gitaroo
This one looks really good from a distance. But up close she looks a little funky. On my figure, the color of her skin is different depending on the part. The face is a different skintone from the hands, which are different from the legs...

The hands especially look awful. They're so pale compared to the rest of her skin it looks like she's wearing gloves!
8 vuotta sitten
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