kommenttia Love Live! School Idol Festival - Ayase Eli - 1/7 (Alter)

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    Bigjosh3231 vuotta sitten#58038634Looking to sell mine $110 + shipping.
    Still available!
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    Back in box $148
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    Selling mine. She's been displayed, but well taken care of. Still have the retail box as well. Overall condition is B/B, base has some stains under her coat tails. Asking $85 + paypal fees with free shipping within the US. PM with interest.

    *edit still for sale.

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    Looking to sell mine $110 + shipping.
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    BlueSKy1 vuotta sitten#56812473quick question to those who already own her. Can she stand without her white base?? Thanks in advance

    Definitely not. Her bow doesn't provide enough support to keep her balanced on one foot on my copy. She definitely needs the base otherwise she will topple over constantly
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    In stock @ Figuya
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    Selling multiple figures!

    Eli like new w/ box $145AUD + Shipping. Based in Australia.

    Rin, Kotori & Hanayo also available.

    PM if interested
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