kommenttia Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works - Saber - 1/7 - Type-Moon Racing ver. (Plusone, Stronger)

  • okay ?

    can i get racing Rin, racing Scáthach and racing Jeanne as well ?
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    Much better than racing Miku.
    PO when?!
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    looks interesting
    3 vuotta sitten
    WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
    Oh neat. Her outfit looks kinda plain, but I'll wait and see.
    3 vuotta sitten
    Leosach Born this way
    buttermilk3 vuotta sitten#15215382Racing Saber? Nice

    Soon we will have 2016.. 17... 18... dont forget nendos and figmas as well
    3 vuotta sitten
    Racing Saber? Nice
    3 vuotta sitten
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