kommenttia Black ★ Rock Shooter - Blu-Ray - Limited Edition (B★RS Project, Ordet)

  • Got mine today. Both Blu-ray and DVD feature subtitles in english, german, spanish, italian and french as well.
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    Selling the complete set SALE #31703
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    KierAngel7 vuotta sitten#1227259Just scored this baby for $30 <3

    Wow lucky .... If anyone is selling I actually wouldn't mind buying =D
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    KierAngel HERPADERP
    Just scored this baby for $30 <3
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    buying the figures pm me if selling
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    I have been wondering something... In this Limited edition, inside is one card whit some activision code... But where that code belongs and what do you get by activeiting that... code.? Can anyone tell if anybody understand my kökköenglish
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    sell mine, exclude two nendoriod petite, PM me if anyone interest~~
    DVD haven't played before.
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    I had already seen this OVA thanks to the figma/Nendoroid BRS releases, but I bought this edition anyway when Hobby Link Japan had a sale. While I wasn't too impressed with the OVA in it of itself, the freebees are cool and make it worthwhile.
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    Strife212 Original Blue
    Wrong item
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    totally love the movie. can'T wait thats going on :D wanna see the other girls^^
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