kommenttia Fate/Grand Order - Jack the Ripper - 4 Inch-Nel - Assassin (Sentinel)

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    I'm selling mine for $95 USD plus shipping. To get a shipping quote, give me a zip code via PM and I will let you know what it will cost. I can only ship in the continental US.
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    Selling complete in box Jack the Ripper 4 inch Nel, check out my ads!


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    Selling for 40€ + shipping. EU Only
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    I'm really happy with her. A bit expensive & not many accessories but her joints movements are a lot more flexible than figma. She can stand on her own so I'm not too worry about the big stand. But most likely she'll be the only 4-inchnel I get. Ishtar & Nero caster are just too small for my FGO group
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    We still have one more available!
    Shipping is $5.99 (within US)

    We're started and run by a fellow MFC user so give us a try!
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    In stock @ Figuya
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    Honestly, I’m my opinion this figure is mediocre at best. She scales well with other figures and I have no problem with her being small. My problems are the amount of accessories she comes with (two knives, open and closed hands, two faces that are barely different, and a stand that’s bigger and heavier than she is). Also mine has trouble standing on her own but that’s what the stand is for. And for for how much she’s going for, as a Jack fan I can honestly say anyone can do better for $70. Not horrible, but just very disappointing sadly.
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