kommenttia Dragon's Crown - Dark Elf Beastmaster - 1/6 (Q-six)

  • Here’s the review video. She’s pretty hot

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    I am 100% here for this more realistic portrayal of her stomach/waist area. Not saying I don’t enjoy figures that have teeny tiny waists too, but it’s nice to see something like this :) She’s got abs!
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    trancend2 vuotta sitten#37246668Are any dragon's crown figures cast-off?Kind of, sort of, not really.

    The closest thing that I'm aware of is the Wonderful Hobby Selection version of the Sorceress. ITEM #287758

    That version allows you to remove her skirt, leaving her in just her corset and undergarments. However there's basically no reason to, as due to the Sorceress' pose, most of the skirt is hanging down towards the ground to begin with. So removing it doesn't uncover much of the Sorceress.

    If this really is cast off, then it would be far more literal and showing a lot more than any other Dragon's Crown figure.
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    Zahylon2 vuotta sitten#36554514Western collectible figures made of polystone look awesome. And there are several Japanese polystone figures & dioramas which look otherwordly.
    But, there are big issues with this material:
    -Polystone breaks easier than PVC, while PVC can bend a little, Polystone risks breaking during transport. And many countries have horrible courier services. So high chances polystone figures will break during transport.
    -Weights more, which means more transportation fees.
    -Is more expensive. Polystone figures cost more, just look at this one: almost 20K yens
    I don't see polystone becoming that popular in the near future. We'll have to wait until materials technology advance a little more, and eventually figures will look even more aswesome.
    just looking back, in the span of 10 years anime figures went from Kid Toy tier quality with a few notable exceptions to a market notable for it's high quality PVC figures.
    Maybe polystone will play a key spot in the future. But companies have to make experiments first

    I wouldn't be surprised polystone will simply be superseeded by other materials that will have its qualities without its inherent issues which are quite important given most figures are bought online and must be shipped. As you said, the improvement in anime PVC figures in less than a decade is more than impressive. I recall when in the early 2000s everybody took the pain to build resin GK because prepainted figures were utter trash most of the time.
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