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Moonlight Romance

城門郊野公園, 九龍, 香港 (Shing Mun Country Park, Kowloon, Hong Kong).

Under the full moon's light, an angel was singing in the forest.

After "sunset angel"(PICTURE #720219), "milky way angel"(www.flickr.com/...), this is my third angel, "moonlight angel".

山の端 月は满ち
爱おしい 横颜
おぼろな この星
大地に 银の泪

Image photo for Gabriela Robin's masterpiece song "Moon", insert song for TV Animation "Turn A Gundam".

Photo taken by my Nikon D700 and AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/4G ED VR lens at 100mm, F4. I needed a relatively fast shutter speed so I turned ISO to 8000. No flash was used since I prefer the pure moonlight.


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nicely done!well control of lighting!
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This is beautiful!
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WOW!!!! Have to say very Beautiful Image and my hats off to you sir. Makes it look mysterious and elegant all at the same time.
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Absolutely beautiful. Her wings are gorgeous!
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Beautiful. I want this figure for the wings alone!
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wonderful work!
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Nice colours
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