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    Dec 02, 2010

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Christmas Chii

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Mine broke or detached from the base not too long ago, glued her back on and put her back in the box :[ and I want to mention she fell from her own weight, she's very top heavy.
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Sssst.. Listen to the Christmas CD and let me do the tree. <3

Really beautiful.. I like her so much x3
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KenjzumiFicou muito linda ^^Muito obrigada ^^
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Ficou muito linda ^^
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D'awww, adorable.
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HaruhiuchanThis is so cute! Who WOULDN'T like this?! (:)Thank you ^^ Chii is really charming =)
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This is so cute! Who WOULDN'T like this?! (:)
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ficou linda pri ^^
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Wow, Merry Christmas card! :)
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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
cool! didnt know of this chii figure..
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