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Twister~! The HOT SPOT!

anyone remember that commercial? PICTURE #1550317
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gundamuk4 vuotta sitten#10679477That's going to be one upset Persian if Tamaki looses her balance...
Like they say about curiosity and cats...
I don't think the booze is helping either - you can tell by the blush.
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PoolPartyAhri4 vuotta sitten#10714270Cool picture (:
Reycoenma4 vuotta sitten#10714338Amazing
ptitange234 vuotta sitten#10721445Good work ! ^^
Tylerd134 vuotta sitten#10722413Genius
Halcione4 vuotta sitten#10725528Lol I love it
Criscokid4 vuotta sitten#10754742I love it too!
Wow, thank you all so much! I'm flattered to see all these compliments <3

If you don't mind NSFW, you may be interested to see what else goes on in the gameroom: View spoilerHide spoilerPICTURE #1547827
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I love it too!
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Lol I love it
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Good work ! ^^
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Cool picture (:
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gundamuk Lewd, but never uncouth...
That's going to be one upset Persian if Tamaki looses her balance...
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