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figma guitar max_factory sonico nitroplus asai_(apsy)_masaki tomytec nitro_super_sonic hirata_hideaki tsuji_santa cobaanii_mokei little_armory ted dragoncraft matsumura_toshinobu ted_2

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Set accessories not listed under "Related Items" section:
View spoilerHide spoilerdonuts: ITEM #154965
clipboard: ITEM #69114
rose: ITEM #78862
cardboard box: ITEM #25205
amp & lead: ITEM #5493

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director's chair: www.amiami.com/...
cats: www.amiami.com/...
knee socks: www.amiami.com/... (needed to be cut)
parka & bikini: www.amiami.com/...

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KeiraKoneko383 vuotta sitten#17497629This is actually perfect.
Cats, sweets, booze, weed, Sonico... It really doesn't get much better :)
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This is actually perfect.
3 vuotta sitten
Very.. interesting idea haha. Loving the setup especially the Bong xD
4 vuotta sitten
Dribz4 vuotta sitten#14559941Sonico's taken on some new extracurriculars! oAo Very funny idea. XD
LOL 'new extracurriculars' - that's a good way to put it.
Thanks for the comment!
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Sonico's taken on some new extracurriculars! oAo Very funny idea. XD
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idol4 vuotta sitten#14545359this is the best thing ever
Thanks! You're too kind :):)
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astarte9524 vuotta sitten#14545892Well done!
Reycoenma4 vuotta sitten#14545552Great Sonico
Thanks so much!
4 vuotta sitten
Well done!
4 vuotta sitten
this is the best thing ever
4 vuotta sitten
I love seeing this pothead on the front page. Thanks for all the support mfc!
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