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I like this picture is me and my sis Azumy,This was taken the 4 day of comic con.
I took a picture of my sis....she looks so much like emily (who is emily?? XD).....and then a guy just passing around said: I'll take a picture of both of you.....and I said: Ohh THANKS!!
And then why where sit there about 15 minutes, because a lot of people started to take pictures of us.....we werent doing any cosplay, they where just a simple dress XD!!!

It was fun ^u^

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tu hermana sale muy palida y no le sale la cara, a no es la de enmedio jAJAjaJa :P
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Ohh, ciertamente, no son vestidos comunes, yo mismo creeria que son cosplays, de Chii de chobits por ejemplo xD. O CC sakura tambien xD.

PD: Who is emily???? XDDD.
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Oh wow!!! So those beautiful girls are you and your sister???? Por què estoy escribiendo en inglès? =P

Quise decir: Esas dos bellezas son tu y tu sis??? Woooorale!!!! Creo que estoy enamorado! :D Lindisisisimas! :D
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