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    Mar 15, 2011

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Miku:Tell me more stories >_<!
Amano:ok ok,once upon a time there was a nendo ...

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D'aww, super cute!!
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aww, I love it!!
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nice setup... the story sounds warm :)
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eimhir kiel
nice pic!
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so cute!!
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I ordered her just after I seen this picture ! ^^
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Thank you for reminding, I need to bust my Tooko-chan from her Environmental Protection and Transportation Unit... :3
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Thanks again for the comments >_<!

@Mona_sama the sofa was the cheapest one in the shop XD,the others were horrible and expensive.

@OeKintarouG Yes,the photo was taken with a D90 ^^.

@Diabolo-Menthe Yes, the cat is from Blackcat :D.

@Firearky Muchas gracias ^^.

Regards and thanks again to all !
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Great shot!
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OMG, Copernico!
This is totally cute. I love the tiny sofa! ^-^*
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