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tsundere long_skirt sexy_pose long_hair boots strong_woman alter ookami ookami_ryouko

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Strong Ryouko Ookami by Alter!

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I understand well your impatience... this figure is a true hit ^^
9 vuotta sitten
Can't wait for mine to arrive :)
9 vuotta sitten
very cute looking figure
9 vuotta sitten
... GREAT!
9 vuotta sitten
Thank you ^^
I started watching 1st episode, but it didn't interested me too much... anyway her look is so strong & sexy :-D
I can't avoid to get her when it has been announced ^^
9 vuotta sitten
Klon Solo Rei basta!
Need to watch more Animes. So many graet looking figures out there. Background fits in quite well, the whole shot looks realistic!
9 vuotta sitten
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