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    Apr 01, 2018

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wow! nice setup. i love the grassy sections in the center.
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I also bought that Sinon and Yoko figures to begin my collection, I've been hooked on since then. Wish I had an Ikea store near me so I could get a couple detolfs. Great collection overall :).
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Amazing display!
I love the way the figures have been presented.
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jkb2 vuotta sitten#31971772Fabulous display !
Which Belldandy is at the bottom left corner ?
It's a garage kit, ITEM #22871

Namiel2 vuotta sitten#31975114The Swordman with the emperium!! I want one tooThanks! I'm surprised to see that so many people recognized the Ragnarok figure and emperium!

ptitange232 vuotta sitten#31972295Wooooooooooooow !!!!! *o*
Amazing collection !!!!! I want the same !!!! *_* Congratulations !!! :D

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Nice figure placement!
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Namiel Miracle∞Namiacle
The Swordman with the emperium!! I want one too
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What a beautiful display! The lighting is so clean and classy!
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Very classy set up and great taste in characters :)
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Beautiful collection!
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squigly-kip Apathetic War Cleric
What an amazing collection! I especially like how you've displayed your CCS, Sailor Moon, and Totoro stuff.
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Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.

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