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I give it two weeks before Blizzard tries to nerf Mercy......again.

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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
-Rez cooldown has been increased to 40 seconds.

-Rez is on cooldown until the match starts.

-Rez radius reduced by half.

-Movement and flight speed will be reduced by 45% for 6 seconds after Mercy ressurects someone.

-Any form of damage WILL interrupt Rez. This includes a stray D.va bullet from 100 meters away.

-Mercy's healing beam range is reduced by 30% and is more visible.

-Mercy will now emit a bright glint when 10 meters away from the player character.

-Valkyrie's flight mechanics will now act on a resource meter. Using Guardian Angel does not take up resource.

Developer notes: We felt that Mercy was too strong of a healer pick in the lower ranks. With these changes, we hope it encourages other players to protect their Mercy from harm in order to experience the full effects of the character. Players also had issues with hunting down fleet footed and hiding Mercys. This will now make it much easier to detect Mercy during a team fight.

In the top ranks, her ability to be able to ressurect and "cancel" a vital kill from the enemy is too great of an asset. The balance changes should ensure that teams won't feel cheated when they're target is rezzed. Mercy will now have to be more careful of who, and when to Rez.

View spoilerHide spoilerFor real, Blizz should seriously just nerf every healer, because it seems to me they enjoy Dive meta. It's fast, looks exciting, and gives hosts a convenient reason to nudge the crowd to cheer. Good for OWL ratings.

Cute photo OP. LOL Tracer! What are you doing? Haha
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**Tracer screaming**

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Lol, nice.
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