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    Aug 10, 2018
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Huge album of my collection here.

Thanks for all the kind words strangers!


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This is such a cool looking space omg
18 päivää sitten

Wish you could help with mine! My pictures don’t come out anywhere as half as great as yours did! Mine are barley ok....
10 kuukautta sitten
linda coleccion sobretodo tu dedicacion por K-on! es una de mis series favoritas
11 kuukautta sitten
Wonderful display~❤ !
1 vuotta sitten
alluhaman1 vuotta sitten#57032425what lights are you using for the shelves?

I believe they were the LE 12V LED Light Strips from amazon in daylight white.
1 vuotta sitten
what lights are you using for the shelves?
1 vuotta sitten
xShiroSakura1 vuotta sitten#38611144This is how you display a collection.

Often times more of a space or wall layout problem than a lack of will. :P

I concur though, this is a job very well done. A shining beacon!
1 vuotta sitten
A man of refined taste I see
1 vuotta sitten
A perfect fit! I love it the lighting is just perfect :) Was it hard to do?
1 vuotta sitten
Wow... amazing display.
1 vuotta sitten
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