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I will never understand why the company that made the woody figure, thought of giving woody the face plate of a serial killer, but it's great nonetheless. Great photo by the way.
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Oh Spidey, you're running with a shady crowd... What paths are they going to lead him down?
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good work!
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Valestein3 Here with you to Knight
HA! It makes me wonder who they're trying to peep on

View spoilerHide spoilerAnd don't say, "Your mom" lol
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TheDeadTexan2 vuotta sitten#39961806Y'all got Happy Scrappy Hero Pup?

Yeah, I'm on the phone with the distributor right now. Hi, I need one copy each of...
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TheDeadTexan Perpetual Disappointment
Y'all got Happy Scrappy Hero Pup?
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