Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!
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    Jun 23, 2019

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Review coming tomorrow at mastracustom.co... :D

EDIT: review online mastracustom.co... ^_^

Thank you!!

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So beautiful!
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rosesandthorns1 vuotta sitten#62358273Simply gorgeousceasol1 vuotta sitten#62358706Bravo!

Thank you so much!!! ^_^
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Simply gorgeous
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Heavenly_Otaku1 vuotta sitten#62255508Morning beauty!
:D thank you!!

Lovett1 vuotta sitten#62289987Wow! it's perfect!
Thank you so much my friend! Oh yes, her sculpture is so perfect... ♥ ♥ ♥

DogStar1 vuotta sitten#62293026Congrats on potd. It is a gorgeous shot.
Thanks my friend! I'm really happy to know you like it ^_^
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Congrats on potd. It is a gorgeous shot.
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Wow! it's perfect!
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Morning beauty!
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AlexChama1 vuotta sitten#62254940Lovely shot. :) Thank you for sharing :3
Thanks to your for kind comment!! :D

kaitylee1 vuotta sitten#62255023So simple yet so perfect!
Arigatou!!! :D

astarte9521 vuotta sitten#62255084Was somebody on the Window? So adorable.
Probably she was checking if anybody can see her while she's dressing up :P
Thanks my friend!

Dr4gonkiller961 vuotta sitten#62255122this is so cute, a wonderful shot, so much realism, peaceful.
Thank you so much!! Her body is so well sculpted, soft daylight did the rest to make this figure so lovely!

Riesbyfe1 vuotta sitten#62255125Nice pic ;)
Thank you so much ^_^
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Nice pic ;)
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!

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