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    Jan 13, 2022

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Mopping the floor was never Ram’s favorite task to do around the mansion. Maybe that’s why she looks a bit annoyed. Or maybe Subaru stepped on the wet floor again, who knows.

Well, happy New Year everyone! Didn’t expect to be back so soon with a new photo but I was on vacation last week and therefore had plenty of free time. It was fun to build this set and, in the end, everything came together quite nice.

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This is gorgeous, lovely crafted *****
14 päivää sitten
In addition to my latest figure photo I also wrote a blog entry including some bonus pictures and bts stuff. Enjoy!
14 päivää sitten
eva-abomination15 päivää sitten#105597046woah!! this is an amazing pic!! :0lowroller15 päivää sitten#105589308Excellent picture!

Thank you, glad you liked it.
14 päivää sitten
woah!! this is an amazing pic!! :0
15 päivää sitten
Excellent picture!
15 päivää sitten
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