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Welcome to the blue Library!

Finally one of my greatest wishes came true - my own manga library <3 Ive searched far and wide for the perfect manga shelfs, as I wasnt 100% happy with billys (as much as I love the blue version!). The other side of the wall is covered with Artbooks, the other one with Doujinshi. Regular books are in my sleepchamber.

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It looks amazing!
2 päivää sitten
This is lovely! Please, do a home tour video!! I love so much how you display your collection :3
2 päivää sitten
You certainly know how to set up a space. Magic!
2 päivää sitten
Your aesthetic and displays are always sooo beautiful and charming. This is stunning!!!
2 päivää sitten
No collection is complete without a kitty cat to top it off. When they give their seal of approval, you'll know it.
2 päivää sitten
The whole picture and the collection itself look so clean. The blue and pink colors everywhere match very well. Amazing!*-*
3 päivää sitten