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Sweet and elegant Sora Kasugano released by Alter.
I received this beauty yesterday... She has met all my expectations!
Simply gorgeous!

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She is a beautiful and elegant figure! ^___^
Yesterday I got my Sora Kasugano and now I want a second one to display her with both hair versions.
Now I hope her little twin brother will be manufactured by ALTAiR. XDDDD
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kazoidNice shot! She looks gorgeous!
Thank you so much!
Oh yes... she's the most beautiful Sora in my opinion :)
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Nice shot! She looks gorgeous!
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spasepeepole026She absolutely looks better with her hair down in this version. Great picture :)
I completely agree with you! She looks much more elegant with this hair style ^^
Thank you so much! :)
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She absolutely looks better with her hair down in this version. Great picture :)
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NachtjagerCe gusta (sta zozza) ahahahah
Eheheeh majaloso! :-P
ShuuruShe looks gorgeous! Nice shot
Yes she is!! Thank you so much for appreciate my pic ^^
AvalonUltraSimply fantastic~
Thank you! ^^
Moun3like always, really awesome figure !
Alter rocks! :D
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like always, really awesome figure !
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Simply fantastic~
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She looks gorgeous! Nice shot
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Ce gusta (sta zozza) ahahahah
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