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This list should be updated, because is really helpful :>
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yakumo You said Nendo?
Ive sent a letter to mikatan's letter corner ^_^

Dear Mikatan & Kuroyagi-san,

Ive been a Nendoroid lover/collector from the start of their production, I hardly can't wait for each Nendoroid news/update and read Mikatan's blog every single day.
Also I have been collecting Nendoroid from the start and completed the fullsized line till now ^_^

I noticed that over the years some Nendoroid where made concepts on or prototypes but are still not released.
Can you please tell me what Happened to them?

Im talking about these concepts/prototypes:

WF2007 concepts Nendoroid Amiko (AmiAmi Mascot) & Tokuko (Hobby Search Mascot) & Ignis (Jingai Makyo)
Both Amiko and Tokuko I only seen a draft for on 1 wonfes so I guess they are cancelled?
But Ignis we saw also in Hobbymag and Wonfes 2008.

HobbyMag entries of the Hyakka Ryouran girls Sanada Yukimura, Naou Kanetsugu & Gotou Matabei.
After their announcement by FREEing in the magazine there was no more news on them.

WF2009/2010 prototype Etna & Flonne (Disgaea) by Phat company
they where shown 2 times on wonfes and disappeared after that.

Same with Nendoroid Synthe but I guess that one is cancelled since it went offline

Could you please reply me with some answers on their status and if they where cancelled or not?

I would also like to ask what the status is on Nendoroid Haruka & Kana Minami, Sasara (Final Dragon Chronicle) & Faris Nyannyan (Steins;Gate)

I am a really big fan and so I'm concerned about them.

Did something happen to the teased prototype of Fate Testarossa (movie 2nd)?
Because she was teased to be shown on WF2012s but no one has seen her :(

I would be very glad if you could answer on my questions on the status of these Nendoroid.
And I will thank you in advance awaiting your response.

With kind regards,

yakumo (Joey)
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yakumo You said Nendo?
tvema8 vuotta sitten#1071795Anybody know anything about Sasara... i'm scared that she could be canceled

Nothing till now
but like the minami-ke sisters she will probably turn up sometime
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Allnighter8 vuotta sitten#1069952I want a Kirito nendoroid from Sword Arts Online.

Same here!!!
It's the same all time....girls girls girls. >_<
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Anybody know anything about Sasara... i'm scared that she could be canceled
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Saichi8 vuotta sitten#1063829where are the boys?! I hate that so much >_<

I want a Kirito nendoroid from Sword Arts Online.
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yakumo You said Nendo?
ueggg988 vuotta sitten#1062069Ignis was confirmed cancelled a while ago. The others, probably, but there's no proof. ;.;

by who was it confirmed???
do you have official proof?

She was first announced in 2006

Then again in 2010

then in hobbymag also in 2010

further there was no news on her
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where are the boys?! I hate that so much >_<
8 vuotta sitten
Ignis was confirmed cancelled a while ago. The others, probably, but there's no proof. ;.;
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Faris nyan nyan ;__;
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