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With most hobbies you get something and hold onto it. With hobbies such as figures someone might just get rid of their collection to fund another collection of more figures. I've heard all my life people shunning the emotional attachment to objects, but if you have no attachment to something, then what is the point of wanting it or of having it?

At this point in our story Len has become aware of what he is. He's tried to be more than a toy -to be more than what the world expects of him. He can't get his sister to understand this, though. The owner, the person who controls their fate, sees Len as a commodity. How harsh a world where something made of plastic can have more of a heart than a being that is supposed to have one. Len stands to be removed from his sister, the only other toy, the only other person, that he has had any bond with.
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wow, a real life Woody, poor Len
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