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Mia visiting Boston!

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On Sunday I visited Boston!
Went to the Aquarium, a touristy guide, and Faneuil Hall. Here is an album of my whole trip: imgur.com/a/17E...
Here was at the Long Wharf (around the corner from the aquarium), where I was able to take a quick rest and photograph some things I took with me. It was a little embarrassing due to so many people, but being able to take pictures outside was nice!

This was the first time in a long while that I took a doll out in public. It's more embarrassing than small figures since "crazy doll lady" is probably the first thing people think. I'm glad I took Mia, though, since she looks really great here.

She's so cute. PICTURE #498065

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That's an excellent picture - I love the colors and how the blue background looks with her hair.
And I've always been way too self-conscious to take a doll out in public, so good job on that too - though I think I'll try following De-JaY's advice from now on :)
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OhnoRaptors [Cinderella Girl]
Ahhh, too true!
Lately I've gotten better at not giving a fuck, but it took me a few minutes to tie up her boots and cute girls kept walking by. orz There was also a very scary lady watching me the whole time.

Thanks! Originally I wanted to bring her for aquarium shots, but it was too dark. Really love the pictures I snapped of her here at the bay, though. ^^
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De-JaY Teitoku
Protip: Don't give a fuck about what people think. You'll probably never see them again anyway.
Yeah, I know. Not very helpful but that's how it is.

Also, that black dress is a lovely contrast to the bright scenery.
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