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About this picture

Although I had taken hundreds of startrail photos in many countries, I have never taken even one shot with my figures or my DD Yuki.

I tried this about four days ago, somewhere near the beach of Wu Kai Sha, Northern Hong Kong. The weather was fine, but the sky was not as clear as I had hoped, so the starstrail was not very satisfying... And because of the high tide, I only use a 4000-second exposure before the seawave came to my own feet which forced me to leave, so the startrail in this photo is not complete. However, it looks like the stars were falling down like raindrops, so I choose the name "星の雨 - Rain of Stars" for this pic, the name of a famous song from "Record of Lodoss War(ロードス島戦記)".

I have not used any flash light, and the only light-source in this photo was the moonlight.

I hope you will like this pic and feel the warmth and the romance of that beautiful starry sky. And I will try to take more beautiful starstrail photos with Yuki in the future. This is the start

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I am from Viet Nam and here we will have an Anime festival and i wished to use your photo as an example of beautiful photoshoots. I will only add it to the presentation if you give permission for us to use it of course(it mean that I will print your photo out and hang it around or give it a way as prize to one of our game show). The presentation is not for profit and is only for fun of introducing more people to the world of figures. Please reply by quoting this comment with yes or no ASAP please!

Thank you very much,
Deptrai Ha
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TOP CLASS, i couldn't say any less >.<
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MooshiPirpy14 -Foolish Mortal!-
absolutely beautiful, possibly my favorite pic on MFC
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This is simply beautiful.
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indeed as expected at this,Yooo~~~
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Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
Crazy lovely~!
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You're awesome.
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I dont know how you did it but...Congratulations, I´ve never seen such a beautiful picture :D
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akomei7 vuotta sitten#1200992Nice, so you waited an hour to get this shot, how did you manage to make sure the Dollfie would stay in place for an hour and not fall into the water?
She was just sitting there, and I piled that base for her, about 25cm high. I think she might never move unless there was a hurricane coming..orz
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Being busy for a whole day...

Thank you for all your support~~ I am really really grateful...

Starry-Sky background is my dream, and I have always imagine if I have a chance to use my figures with it. However, figures are not the best choice because they are too small... It is a very difficult task to find a suitable place to set them down not to mention the composition of the photo. But Yuki came to my house about two months ago, and I thought my dream might come true. So here comes the first result, not perfect though. Every beginning is hard, so I believe I will have more and more beautiful photos with my dear Yuki and that beautiful starry sky.

Thank you again for your kindly words and support! ^^
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