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P.O.D 11/16/12

Size comparisons:
From Left to Right:
Ichiban Kuji
G.E.M Series
Master Stars
Figuarts Zero
Banpresto DX

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Master Stars has done greater details on Oji-san's face than any other companies~
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Kotetsu's legs look great! So slim *_____*
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LOL, Banpresto's Kotetsu is using wheels.

Nice collection, btw
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DAT collection :D
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jiejie on ice
lol, I was going to take a picture like this too - but I only have three of them. ^^

Those creative poses, oh my... let's all praise Bandai for their innovative idea of sculpting him with his right hand on his hip!!

I'm suprised that the Ichiban Kuji one is so small though, I expected him to be bigger - at least as big as the DX one.
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Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
oh wow the MSP is much larger than the GEM, huh? again, thanks so much Kira for taking the pictures. your collection is full of hnnggg!! <3
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Nice high heels to Kotetsu on the far right... ;)
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So, I'm just going to hazard a guess and say you like Kotetsu a lot? lol
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One of these is not like the others.
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kilani Sayaka Rank
Nice collection!

Wow Master stars is huge
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