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loool ^^
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WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
TomTheCat7 vuotta sitten#1314849It's funny, nobody complained about Saber and her bike...

I'm sure someone did at one point. Though, imo, those two figs are in two different categories. You can't have Saber without her bike, but Karen would be fine with out this steamroller base. Also, there is a F/Z suit Saber that's much, much cheaper.
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It's funny, nobody complained about Saber and her bike...
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Rycat220 #1 BRS Fan
Ill be perfectly honest, i cannot understand why anyone is complaining over the " price " at the moment and saying how this is UN-nessasary. All of the Bakemono figures by Goodsmile so far have followed the tradition of being modeled of the jap Blu-ray covers. Originally when i saw the sculpt i said " there is NO way they will make the roller..its impossible..but if they did..dream come true ". And as usall, GSC has gone above and beyond and delivered a beautiful figure. I think its a bit far to say that its JUST to raise the price range, sure it makes it heavier, but look at all the figures GSC is releasing/are going to release ? how does this make it stand out differently ?

At any rate, im not targeting the picture as i think the meme is hilarious, but more to the specific people who are targeting this figure without thinking properly. This is going to be one amazing figure to add to the Bakemonogatari collection - good job GSC...good job ~!
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hahahaha! xD this is so funny and so true at the same time! ^^
Love the simplicity of this idea and of course, the result itself.
Congratulations and thanks for sharing~
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I'll never get tired of this meme.
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That´s so useless... >.<
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wrrrrryyyyyy, za warudo~!
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heatsignature7 vuotta sitten#1312851I just realized this was a meme so i may have overreacted... a little

Hahaha XD That meme may not be as popular as other memes but it's being used often here in MFC. Expect more of that meme posts to come XD
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