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    May 31, 2013
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    May 26, 2013 - Jun 01, 2013
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    May 2013

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I've seen funny this picture many times before. But now I'm wondering something.

Where did you get all those accessories? (The slippers, the toilet, the sink, the pink bag and the spray bottle with Japanese text on it. Is the soap and lotion on the sink connected to the model sink or are they their own separate accessories?)
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Lol vegeta
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I feel sorry for Bulma if she had to clean after that ;_;
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Greatest picture ever XD
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ghirahim Needs more Kyouko
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""Picture of the month"... right..." -> to strangers who just passed by on this website, this is how we (collectors) show our appreciation to collectibles ! haha
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Oh my good xD
Tu ma tué la xD
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petchy-mon7 vuotta sitten#1538325MY CRAP WILL BE TEN TIMES BETTER THAN KAKAROT'S!!!
You just made my day.
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Hahahaha OMG
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