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    Jul 29, 2013
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    Jul 28, 2013 - Aug 03, 2013

About this picture

This was my entry to Good Smile Company's Summer 2013 Scale Figure Photo Contest, and oddly enough, I won a Jury Prize! It was a big surprise event.goodsmile...
I would change numerous things from this pic if I could, but I'm glad it placed among the winning entries in the contest.

EDIT: Picture of the day? Oh god, thank you!

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Awesome *_*
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Very nice shot! Awesome!
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7 vuotta sitten
SO pretty! ^0^
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Sugoi. ^_____^
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Amazing! (・Д・)ノ
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the ultimate water attack! well done!
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Tigra77 vuotta sitten#1639877Really stunning. Congrats on winning. And It's not odd that you've won, the photo is really really beautiful. You deserve it :)
Oh, and what's that big ball thing in the background?

The ball on the backgroung is... really just a glass ball. I found it on a second-hand store and thought it would look good on the background. I originally hoped to have at least three similar ones so that the background would be more in unison (I hoped to create a sort of "forest of glass balls"), but sadly couldn't find any more of them. Having just one ball seems a bit silly, and I tried taking pictures without it, but they just looked boring. So, the lonely glass ball stayed in the background.

OtakuWonda7 vuotta sitten#1639912Haven't watched the anime yet, but this is soooo coooolll!!!

You should definitely watch the anime, it's great! Fabulous Max!
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BlitzAce7 vuotta sitten#1639811When this picture was posted yesterday, I knew it would get PotD. :] Totally deserved. Congrats on your GSC photo win also.OtakuEmin7 vuotta sitten#1639817This is really cool. If i had the camera for this and the skill's. I would do it.Dragonzigg7 vuotta sitten#1639832This looks absolutely incredible. Great job, it's worth all the hard work I'm sure it took.Cantisama7 vuotta sitten#1640116"Imagine!" (I hear this every time I see her, lol)
Beautiful photo, congrats on winning!
Necromancer7 vuotta sitten#1640143Awesome photo, i love it! ^^Oldspeak7 vuotta sitten#1640221No surprise there you won the prize, I can't imagine anything else topping this. Bravo!LivingDaylight7 vuotta sitten#1640344Amazing!

Thank you again, everyone! I'm really glad to see all your nice comments, hehe ♥(ノ´∀`)
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