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    Oct 18, 2013

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I do this photo for my dear bro on his birthday! He is great Link and very good cosplayer!
margoiiia.devia... - I do my photo basis in this

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Soliloquy Bang Bang
Holy crap this is so awesome!!!
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wow.. nice idea
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This is absolutely stunning!
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Kibi Prisma Kibino
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You and you brother's work are both really good!
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Starki6 vuotta sitten#1795677Ван лааав *о* *О*
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Ван лааав *о*
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if you post it tomorrow, i think this one will be potd. how did you do with that fire?
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Rubee6 vuotta sitten#1795225this is my best friend :) for me it is like a brother, yes, he is in the photo's)

I see.

I'm sure he liked your picture. Again, well done!
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