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    Dec 09, 2013

About this picture

Check out the link to see the real kiss :3 kixkillradio.wo...

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Thank you for all the comments,votes and faves! Thanks for checkin out the blog, I had fun shooting this set especially the Behind the Scene. :D :D

Wishing each and every one a happy holidays! <3

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I love it!! (*^o^*)
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Very cute. Nice photo =)
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Whoaaa it's so adorable!
Awesome :))
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iTheShirt6 vuotta sitten#1876864I love the behind the scenes pic. Zetsuboushita!!!
glad you enjoyed that one too ;)
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Probably one of those time you wish you were him,... nice pic !
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Risayla ◔‸◔
Such a sweet photo. ;3
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this is so adorable!
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Very cute :3
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Extremely Adorable so well done!!!
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that's cute.
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