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    Aug 10, 2010

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stargazer713 the 0th Mirage Knight
very nice pic!
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julimanoCaramba, animal como sempre as suas fotos, um dia ainda aprendo :)

Muito obrigada!! :D
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Caramba, animal como sempre as suas fotos, um dia ainda aprendo :)
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TrashCatthis is one gorgeous shot! *_* love it!

Thank you so much!^_^
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pretty colorfull~ n_n

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this is one gorgeous shot! *_* love it!
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pretty colorfull~ n_n
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mikaSo fruity

Yeap, totally. :)
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AshlotteFramboesaUnlimitedCodesWhere'd you find so many apples?

These are not apples. They're small fruits called "acerola". :)

Great manipulation of scale to make it feel like apples though! ~_^

Thank you! :D
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MuntoeWow, this is gorgeous! The colors are so vibrant and I love the angle you took the photo in.

Thank you very much!^^
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