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    Mar 13, 2014

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Then in the tiny corner you see "Recent Deaths, man in body blue tights found by bar. A popsicle stick was found near his body reading 'you lose'."

And then a add flashes by the bottom "Buy your Friend Maker now! Only $19.99!"
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Jofuu 〜Q☆N*・♪
Lol the reporter's skeleton hand
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I2ival 9gag-browser
At first I was confused.
But then I looked up the meme (knowyourmeme.co...)

Great Picture :)
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Thanks :)
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ifob86 vuotta sitten#2039742What is written ? :P

Top left
東京•渋谷駅前 - Tokyo. In front of Shibuya Station

Top right
繋急瀧番組 - (?)Weather Forecast program(?)
関東•東北で大雪 - Kanto. Massive snow in Tohoku

恋人といる時の雪って特別な気分に浸れて僕は好きです - being in the snow with my lover like this immerses me in a special feeling. I like it.
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What is written ? :P
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Brilliant :D
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ViceVersa6 vuotta sitten#2039080is that hachikuji umbrella ?

Bingo :3
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is that hachikuji umbrella ?
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