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I live for vocaloids.

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thanks for the add owo
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Stalking Loli hunter
Thanks for the add! Very cute idol collection :)
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Rajke Ca fanatic
Aesthesia (8 kuukautta sitten) #25249567Heyyy, happy birthday!!
Thank you :)
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Aesthesia (9 kuukautta sitten) #25180151Admittedly American Gods is his only novel I've finished, though it is my favorite book - I have others but I never seem to be able to make the time to read these days :(

Yeah, finding time to read (and wanting to read at that time) is hard, I hope you will find time to read more of Gaiman. Anansi Boys is a great continuation of American Gods if only because it continues on the gods theme. But really, any book by Gaiman is fine. Good Omens together with Terry Pratchett is amazing and is being turned to a tv series too, so that might be interesting?
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Cheers and thanks for the FR! I also see that you like American Gods, are you a Gaiman fan overall or just that specific book/show?
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Hello! I am commenting here because both my inbox and outbox is full and I am waiting for MFC to apply my supporter purchase to my account. I was unable to send Freesia SALE #132964 out today as I had a family emergency. This unfortunately will take around an extra 1-2 days delay. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I will message you again when my supporter status is reactivated, which should be within the next day or so.
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Bloempje Hunting my grails
Hi, FR accepted :)
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