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Tales of series, especially Tales of the Abyss, Ocarina of Time, Okami, Skies of Arcadia Legends


Happy Birthday!! :D
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1538254Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day! Were you pleased with this morning's Tales announcement?

Awh, thanks! By this morning's announcements I presume you mean the Symphonia 1 and 2 HD remaster?
My jaw literally dropped. Also just found out about Alter making Zelos and Lloyd. Jaw drop x2.
I'm actually looking forward to playing Symphonia! I'd buy the GameCube version if it wasn't, like, 60 Euro used..
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1538270Hee, a bunny would never have occurred to me, very clever. Worked really well. : )
So, Symphonia and DotNW is indeed getting a HD PS3 release, and seems we're indeed getting it. I actually teared up watching the announcement. XD They seem to be taking the assumption that everyone's played it already >_<, quite a few spoilers though fortunately the clips were brief. And of course since people are discussing it there's spoilers everywhere. So, careful - Symphonia has the best plot twists in the series imo, I'd say going into it knowing as little as possible about it is best (though, did you play DotNW already?).
I just really want to see further details, if it's the PS2 version we're getting, and if so how they'll handle voicing the new artes and things. I may end up getting the Japanese version, will have to see.
Hmm, Kotobukiya Colette scale too, that surprised me. Kinda wish it was Alter really, it'd probably turn out nicer and match their Lloyd better, but will see how it looks. I love Colette, she's adorable.

Well, it was mainly for scale of the body and legs and all but it was helpful.

Same. I had a little excitement cry 8'D I think they showed the PS2 box cover with the Wii cover of DOTW so I assume it's the pS2 version? I already know of a few of the twists but I'll be blacklisting that tag on Tumblr to try and avoid the spoilers 8'D I hope we'll get a CE like the LalaBit one. Those chibi characters <3

It'll be interesting! Their Tear and Natalia figures are really nice so she might turn out well. They just released Asuna from SAO and she's gorgeous.
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1537258Yep, fingers crossed. Now watch them announce only Tempest R and troll us all. XD
I can imagine. My mum was impressed too, she asks if you made a pattern? Although, considering she had to unravel the lace-effect scarf she's making this morning, due to losing count and knitting too many holes into it... XD Thanks, may end up taking you up on that, I'll see how I get on. : )
Yeah, my sleep schedule is erratic also, so I've decided I may as well stay up, play Zelda: The Minish Cap, listen to my Symphonia OST, and watch its anime adaptation. I may be dead of nostalgia poisoning before morning. XD

Pffft xD

For the body I modded a pattern for a miniature bunny, then improvised for the ears and the rest of the limbs. The face is felt with regular sewing thread used to embroider the details. I was going to try a Sorcerer's Ring but decided to quit whilst I was ahead ahaha xD Ah, trust me, I've just started a third glove because the first two had too many stitches/the second had an issue with the little finger caused by me making a really amateur mistake and managing to twist the stitches 8'D.
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1537131Yeah, I honestly don't think I can stand the complaining if that happens, it'd be unbearable. Well, I'd be pretty sad, too - imagine if, say, they remade Vesperia and changed Flynn's English VA, even if the new VA was good it'd be weird, right?
Still, much too early to be worrying yet. XD
Well, it was sorta tucked in, but yeah. Fortunately it wasn't terribly breakable. Good to hear this one is more secure.
Very cool. : )
Oh, I really love the pic, so adorable! (All three :D) Wow, that is a brilliant knitted Mieu (had a look at the pics of the event on their Facebook page just now, so saw the one of it from the front, too). I'm planning on ordering some wool to knit a cat blanket, and was kind of going 'huh?' at some of the directions in the patterns, so I'm in awe of your knitting skills, I wouldn't know where to start.
Yup, I will, so excited!

I would cry if Sam Riegal didn't voice Flynn, I think xD Either way, I hope they can find a solution that makes most people happy.

Awww thank you ^_^ He was a fiddly little bugger and the embroidery...Oh gods OTL Still, it was worth it all to see Baba's reaction when I told him it was for him x3 Some patterns are really hard to read. If you're really stuck with anything then just ask and I'll help as much as I can :)

:D Yay! I hope I can get up in time. I've developed an awful cycle where I wake up at 5 or 6am and then finally flop back asleep around 8 x_x
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1537048That's lovely, awww. ^_^ It's so nice that the producer of the series is like that.
Yep, I think it was something like that, some had gone union, and some I think weren't working in the same area. So, we'd have to see, what worries me is they won't pay for union VAs, and I'm not sure the Japanese dev team are really aware of any issues there might be surrounding English VAs, since they understandably haven't always been so involved with localisations - Baba-san expressed surprise in one interview on hearing that there were a lot of recurring voice actors for the localised versions, and I did sigh recently seeing a recent interview with him:
k-n: One of the most popular features of the franchise in Japan are its voice actors, which are always very popular and talented. But we’ve noticed that they don’t participate twice with a different role. Is this intentional?
Baba: We make auditions in order to find the best voice actors and actresses for each character. We choose the ones we think are best based on the mental image we have of the characters as their creators, regardless if they’re popular or not. Both veterans and new voices come to our auditions, and all of them have the same opportunities. We also know that you, the fans, love our characters and in our opinion having the same actor or actress voicing different roles could confuse you or make you think they have something in common. That’s why we always choose different voices. However, sometimes the same voice actor/actress could be used for secondary and minor characters, but never for main ones and/or party members.
I wish we got the same treatment. So, I'm not totally sure he'd know how hard it might be to get VAs back if needed, since the situation is so different in Japan, and they're obviously focused on how things are there. Well, we'll see!
Oooh, it's so pretty, nice pic.! : ) I see, the figure has the same style box as before, had been wondering how they'd package it within the CE. Should be nice and secure that way.
Is that your games and a shirt you were able to get signed, too?

Ah =/ Well, I hope that they can either get the old cast back or an equally talented new cast. Either way people are gonna whinge. Maybe they'll just say sod it and leave it with Japanese audio and put English subtitles? There's just no pleasing some people so I hope they know the majority of us will just be happy to have the game u_u

Yeah, the big box on the left fits the figure, artbook and game etc, so it should all come pretty snug. I saw the Ni No Kuni special edition...uh, and the EU one just came with the stuff rolling around in that massive box? D:

Yup yup! They gave us the shirts that Baba had apparently sent over from Japan specially, and the little Tenebrae plushies <3 There is also a Xillia poster but mine's still rolled up awaiting a frame. I knitted a Mieu for him and aaaaah his face: affirmedlobster...

Are you going to watch the stream of the festival tomorrow morning?
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picture/718326&... Here you go ;)
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1536473I see, thanks, hope she can at least get them for you, seems the Festival can be pretty hectic.
Wow, extra lucky! What was he like? He always comes across as really nice in videos promoting the series. I'll keep an eye out for the pic. : )
Well, Nintendo paid for the localisation so people were a bit uncertain who owns the script and VA, and there's also the question of if there were any new scenes that would look strange if left with no VA (the PS2 version adds at least one as it is). They didn't manage to get all the VAs back for DotNW (much to fans' annoyance), so I doubt they would for a remake. Whereas in Japan, getting VAs back rarely seems to pose a problem.

Oh yeah, I've seen the photos x_x

He's really, really lovely in person. You can tell that he sincerely appreciates his fans and enjoys what he does. Honestly was the best day of my life ^_^

Hmmm. I think it depends on unions and stuff, as I recall there was a lot of trouble a few years ago which is why older games and dubs often don't credit their voice actors. I suppose it might come down to how busy the voice actors are when/if they dub it. Baba specifically said for Western fans to watch the stream tomorrow so I doubt this would have been said if they hadn't already secured some kind of license.
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1536460They are cute,think I'll cave too. XD Where were you ordering them, btw, planning on using a proxy?
Ooh. lucky, where was that, there was an event in London or something wasn't there? Good to hear the figure is nice. : ) Similar for ToX2 would make sense, this one for ToX does seem to have proved popular (just hope they can sort out this thing in the US with the CE mayber not getting the DLC).
Oh, that's even better, that it's Alter (although I really hoped for Jade from them, obvs), they'll surely turn out nice in that case! :D I was thinking his face could be a little better, but it's prob. just the pic. Yeah, I love Symphonia and Zelos is my favourite character from it, so definitely, he's one of the ones I'd have most wanted to get a figure. Lloyd I'm kind of love-hate on, but every time I end up hypocritically defending him when someone else criticises him for exactly the same reasons I do, I realise I like him more than I think. XD Yeah, it would be nice if that rumour of a remake proved true so you could play it too, though there might be complications with a localisation.

I'm possibly getting them from a friend who is attending the event. I have no idea if she'll be able to get any, though, so we'll see. If she has extras I'll let you know~

I actually won a competition on Twitter to meet Baba at Namco HW ^^; They showed us the figure and the rest of the CE there. I have a photo somewhere that I'll upload. To be honest, the costumes are kind of meh, and there's no way I'd cancel a CE for them xD But I hope Namco can clarify for them soon.

Why might there be complications? Something to do with trademarks and such? D:
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Amphy64 (5 vuotta sitten) #1536427Ahh, I missed this! So sorry! OTL TBH, I've been kind of out of it lately, with my anxiety (feel a bit better now though). Sorry again!
Yep, they could definitely have stood to explain that mechanic better, it's quite easy to miss recruiting characters.
Anything you were planning on trying to get from the Tales festival merch? Just wish it wasn't Lalabit, I really like the Tokunaga strap though.
Oooh, a Zelos ichiban kuji figure! Must have!

Nooo no no it's fine <3

Yeah OTL Oh well!

Yup yup. I'm hopefully getting the two plush straps. I didn't like the Flynn necklace in the end so I'll save my money to try and grab Alter's Ichinose Tokiya figure if he pops back up.

Zelos is Alter, actually =P Leon and TOX2 Milla are Ichiban Kuji. I got a look at the Milla for the CE a week ago and she's gorgeous, so I'm hoping maybe they'll do a similar bundle for ToX2. She's not as gorgeous as Alter's Milla, but a really nice figure nonetheless. The box the CE is coming in is huuuuge, too. Sure am glad they're sending it via courier, haha.

Do you think you'll order Zelos or Lloyd? I've not played Symphonia but Zelos looks really good...
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