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My collection reflects my inspiration and favoritism.

With that said, i humbly Welcome you to my page.

Share an interest you're willing to discuss?
Having similar anime watched?
Being inspired by the artistic expressions?
No? If not, move along.
You do? Have a seat, my comment bar has enough space.


So what is my main focus on my figure collection?
"In that case, I think we can understand each other. There's no reason for you and i to be enemies, right?"


I prefer quality over quantity regarding figure collecting, this counts for both scale figures and smaller chibi-like figures, that also includes expressive figures with more articulations, expressions and accessories(hence why i like Figmas & Nendoroids) to fully bring out their personalities and situations during those moments we knew them from their respective anime/game.
That is to say, i do make exceptions and tend to buy lower quality figures in rare cases due to the character lacking a better figure or the price being convincing enough.

Figures that tend to interest me:

-High or good quality scale figures reflecting the character's personality.
-Figmas, Nendoroids and other poseable figures with enough accessories.(Link Figma Twilight Princess Ver. DX Edition, Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid ex.)
-Characters that have a certain originality about their tendencies and can keep a good characterization with a unique, appealing design. (Yuri Lowell (Alter 1/8), Mew Strawberry (Takara 1/8) ex.)
-Figures off non-human beings, wolves, creatures, Digimon, Pokemon etc.(Metal Garurumon Figuarts ex.)

Figures i generally tend to dislike:

-Figures off bland and dull characters with no characterisation or originality.(Kirito, Natsu Dragneel ex.)
-Golden/silver/generally full single colour painted figures.
-Nudity and vulgarity on figures.
-Cheap and low quality figures that are useless for display.
-Superhero-like figures.(With some exceptions like Saitama and Rorschach.)
-Dolls. (Seriously, those eyes are disturbing.)

What do i like to collect among games & merchandise?
"There are two things that collectors always want. The first is any item of extreme rarity. The second is colleagues to whom they can brag about their collection."


When it comes to games, I'm a avid collector, my collection also reflects everything that inspires me and the game series i loved both back in my younger days and at the present.

The games i collect primarily consists mainly of JRPGS, i do however collect a whole lot of other games including strategy, plattformers, hack and slash, fighting(Super Smash Bros.), lots of Nintendo games like Mario and Zelda. Even shooters in some cases. Rarities are a must collect if it's of great importance to me. Basically everything i consider worth my time, be it good or bad games, i tend to try out a lot just in order to have a full picture out of something that concerns me.

I also like to play games out of artistic and story interest rather than just "having fun while playing the game only", i believe there is something much more deeper and symbolic within games than "meets the eye", therefore games with experimental nature and uniqueness tend to catch my interest.

Favourite game(s): The Legend of Zelda series, Metal Gear Solid series, Grandia series, Golden Sun series(GBA), The World Ends With You, Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Banjo Kazooie.

Other games i enjoy: Tales of series(all except Tales of Legendia), Final Fantasy series(not the first two and XIII), Zone of The Enders series, Mario Kart series(all except Double Dash and Super Circuit), Mario Party series(2-5 & DS), Starfox series, Kirby series, Donkey Kong series, Pokemon series, Sonic the Hedgehog series(Sega Megadrive),Rayman series, Ratchet & Clank series.

Games i dislike: Fifa/PES series, Call of Duty series, Counter Strike series, Body Harvest, Paper Mario Sticker Star, The Legend of Spyro Eternal Night, Shadow the Hedgehog, Tales of Legendia, Final Fantasy II.

When it comes to merchandise, other than figures i seldom bother to collect anything unless it absolutely catches my eyes to the point i want it, main reason is because lots of merch tends to be cheap and plain plushies, badges, straps, cups etc. I only like quality merchandise which actually has some value in collecting.

Do i watch a lot of anime?
"There's no more trusted observer than someone who suspects you."


When it comes to anime, i watch pretty much everything the industry has to offer, be it a kiddy friendly show like Digimon, Pokemon or a downright cruel and mature show like Death Note. Everything with any speck of production deserves my time. Being a veteran, i have developed high critical senses and i may be quite harsh due to that. At my level, there are quite fewer things that satisfy me, therefore the shows that have really captured me are of great value to me and are recommended to all who seek pleasure within the anime industry, all of which can be seen on my MAL site.

Before i began collecting figures for real, i loved collecting Pokemon trading figures in my young days, i used to buy a Pokeball which contained both candy and a figure at several occasions given the chance. I also had some old Digimon action figures i got as a gift which unfortunately broke. I loved playing with my figures a lot, however those days are in the distant past as now my collecting ambitions are for displaying purposes mainly. The reason why i began as a serious figure collector in the first place was mainly because of how much i feel in love with my favourite shows and characters which led me to slowly assemble their figures into the collection i own today, due to only collecting the figures of the characters i like and know, i hand-pick only those who convinces me the most.

That's it for now, perhaps there will be more written here in the future, ones mind expands all the time after all.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Princess Tutu, Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei(Tatami Galaxy),Texhnolyze, Monster(Naoki Urasawa), Basically everything i deem has great writing, visual/story/design merits..
Manga, Watchmen
Plattform, RPG, Adventure, Different style, Art.
Long Hair, Badass, Smooth, Cunning, Cute, Elegant, Great Design, Underhyped characters
General game music from JRPGs and other stuff. Japanese songs.
A Sony one
I use Sony tablet


Hey Avolion!

FFVII is my favorite video game as a kid. It was probably my first RPG and what made me passionate about video games. What console are you playing it on? The PS4 PlayStation Network version is remastered. Have you played FFX? Beautiful story, Asian fantasy setting, simple turn-based combat, unique sports RPG mini-game (second-best mini-game after FFVIII's Triple Triad) and satisfying character ability development system.

I spent a lot of time organizing and focusing my figure collection (please check out my lists sometime). I'm playing Persona 5, Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. I feel like a kid again! Dragon Ball FighterZ looks like the anime and plays like Marvel vs. Capcom. I'm doing good online with Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT has stellar music and graphics, but the gameplay can be improved. I play with Squall (FFVIII) and usually team up with my guys Cloud and Tidus (FFX).

I'm still hoping that Good Smile makes figmas and Nendoroids for Final Fantasy. Good Smile recently opened pre-orders for Nendoroid Arale (Dr. Slump), and I am thrilled about the possibility of Dragon Ball figmas and Nendoroids. I'm also excited about the announcement of Nendoroid Joutarou (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure).

I watched the YouTube video on Metal Gear Solid 2 that you recommended and appreciate the game more now. Also, I bought Nendoroid Shiro and Sora.

I recommend the Persona series to any FF fan. I finally started watching Yu Yu Hakusho, and I'm enjoying it. It's great hearing from you.
26 päivää sitten
I've been meaning to respond to your wall message for months. I've been struggling a bit. I hope you're well. Will message sometime in the near future.
29 päivää sitten
Thank you ^_^
1 kuukautta sitten
karolannafellows (1 kuukautta sitten) #31103427If you will, I have no interest in speaking with you anymore so please stop responding to my comments on here if you don't mind?
and yes I do know what a weeb is; you're a great example of one.
Especially talking and assuming about a "room" of a total stranger.
Now, unlike you I deal with worse on the web to real life and I rather not continuing disputing any further with you if you don't mind.

Yea figured you didn't know...

It's actually part of a philosophy, we all are what our rooms and collections look like, not mere assuming.

Ik man, ik, i also hate pointless flaming...
1 kuukautta sitten
If you will, I have no interest in speaking with you anymore so please stop responding to my comments on here if you don't mind?

and yes I do know what a weeb is; you're a great example of one.

Especially talking and assuming about a "room" of a total stranger.

Now, unlike you I deal with worse on the web to real life and I rather not continuing disputing any further with you if you don't mind.
1 kuukautta sitten
It's fine! No lasting harm done. =) I tend to be a bit overprotective when it comes to characters that I like, especially when they defy certain expectations.

If you take pride in your anime list then that is great. Having favourite series is always nice, especially if you judge them in special ways. ^-^
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Hello Avo. You said you stay out of the PAK line, but why do you have a Play Arts Balthier?

About Raiden's Revengeance design, I simply prefer the mask and colors of the other Metal Gear ninjas. I meant that MGS2 isn't as novel (new, original, fresh) as MGS1. I feel the same way about Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 2. In games, "refined" rarely beats "revolutionary".

I see that you have No Game No Life nendos. What do you think about the anime? Will you buy the Jibril nendo?

So what are you excited about or looking forward to? I recently ordered Izuku, Katsui and Rockman X nendos and a bunch of Zelda and Super Smash Bros. amiibos.

My brother's gonna visit me soon and we're gonna start playing Persona 5. Have you played any of the Persona or Shin Megami Tensei games?
7 kuukautta sitten
I understand about SAO.

After your message, I researched Play Arts Kais. The official pohtos for the Final Fantasy PAKs look amazing. I particularly liked Squall (Dissidia) and classic Cloud. However, I watched YouTube reviews and concluded that PAKs' sculpting is lower quality than figmas! I'm hoping for figma Squall, Cloud and company.

I agree. Snake MGS2 is one of the most iconic video game character designs. I intend to buy Nendoroid Snake MGS1 because that low-polygon face makes me feel nostalgic. Those are excellent points about Raiden. I was thinking of Raiden's Metal Gear Rising ninja design, which is worse than that of Gray Fox or Olga. Though MGS2 had superior production values and technology, MGS1 was more entertaining and novel.

I just ordered figma Gurlukovich Soldier with the bonus shotgun. It looks amazing! I'm planning to get 3-5 Gurlukovichs to reenact scenes from the game on my bookshelf. Lol.
8 kuukautta sitten
Avolion (8 kuukautta sitten) #23197208You won't be disappointed with Golden Sun, it basically takes elements from Final Fantasy, Zelda and Pokemon and blends together the perfect traditional SNES-style JRPG series.
Link is meant to be a avatar-like character where you become one with him while playing, Neo is supposed to be the chosen one in order to progress the story. Kirito is just a soulless playboy.
I see, i encourage you to try out Dota 2 sometime, it's learning curve is steep, but it gets great once you get into it.
Dude, we won't be getting even a small portion of the majority of the series you stated as figmas, GSC simply cannot handle that many, many of the series already have other action figures like Figuarts, Play Arts Kai etc, they will most probably lay priority in new season shows that get popularity, Kantai collection and Hatsune Miku etc. Personally a figma of Raiden is all i want, don't mind the rest.

That's a cool blend for Golden Sun. I look forward to playing it.

Lol about Kirito. There is a harem element to Sword Art Online. I like Leafa.

I'll try Dota sometime.

Sadly, I'm aware that many of the series already have other action figures. Figuarts' sculpting is lower quality. At $120, Play Arts Kais are twice the cost of figmas. And both Figuarts and Play Arts Kais have stands that are conspicuous (easy to notice) and limit "posability". Figmas provide better value—high quality sculpting at a low price. And figma stands are transcendent (surpassing others) because they enable me to display action figures in inspiring action poses while being inconspicuous.

I hear you about the Kantai Collection and Miku figmas, though I love Racing Miku 2013: EV MIRAI ver. www.goodsmile.i... and Racing Miku 2015: TeamUKYO Support ver. www.goodsmile.i....

Do you mean Raiden from the Metal Gear series? I prefer Grey Fox, as well as MGS1 Snake and Meryl and Psycho Mantis.
8 kuukautta sitten
I understand.

You convinced me. I'm gonna buy the two GBA Golden Sun games with tomorrow's paycheck. The art is beautiful, and each of the games is selling for less than $40. It reminds me of the time I saw a Final Fantasy VII PSX black label selling for $25. Golden Sun's Djiinni remind me of Phantasy Star Online's mags, small, hovering pets that provide bonuses and unleash a special attack Photon Blast. Also, you could evolve your mag from a Mark III > Master System > Genesis > Saturn > Dreamcast.

Kirito's personality is bland, but his black and grey ALfheim Online design is cool. Like Link and Neo (The Matrix), Kirito's lack of personality enables me to project myself onto him. I also own four other SAO figmas and pre-ordered the Kirito Ordinal Scale ver. because I like to collect all figures relating to the ones I love (ALO Kirito and Leafa).

I never really tried Dota. I like the Dota figmas. I used to play League of Legends.

What figma lines that haven't been made would you like to see? I'd like to see figmas from Dragon Ball, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star Online, Tekken, Shenmue, Street Fighter, DC (like Batman) and One Piece. Based on releases and announcements, I'm hoping GS releases (more) figmas of the Souls games, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Marvel and The King of Fighters.
8 kuukautta sitten
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