Cool beans.
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hi there, my name's kay and i'm a high school student whose part time job paychecks are wasted on pvc statues


Cerudays7 vuotta sitten#1405695I love Teto too; she was one of the first synthesizers I found out about wen I was learning about vocaloid/utau, and I've been a huge fan for years. ;U; With her popularity, I'm so surprised they haven't noticed and made her a few figures! What with that album that cane out in the fall... if I could get my hands on a Teto figure, even if it was just a nendoroid, I would die of happiness. ;^;

Teto only has two CDs (three If you count "Graduatin of Lie", but I think that is more a downloadble content?), so I guess she isn't that popolar for companies :C I always wondered If the reason was related to the quantity of covers vs original songs of her and the popularity of them. I should check nico, but my account don't longer exist and I'm lazy to make another one UxD

And there's the licensing (?) problem, but I don't think Twindrill will reject a company like GSC (which already made some straps, well, only one Teto-related xD) to make a figure of her. I only wish her popularity raise, so there's a valid excuse for more products of her. That or here there's Aquamarine for us XDD Maybe they'll do it.

I also meet Teto years ago, when I just started knowing about all that -loid world, but when I heard her voice in most of the songs, I didn't like it, because of the quality of it lol. So I waited for her to improve, and she did. Now I'm a Teto sucker XD
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Oh~ Do you like Teto too?
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thank you very much and yup i guess we never get enough with vocaloid? * specially nendoroid :3 *

Cerudays7 vuotta sitten#1246797Thanks! c: I love yours too; you can never go wrong with Vocaloid!~
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nice collection :3
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You live in La La Land too? 8D
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From me a warm " welcome to mfc" as well :3 i hope you'll like it here amd that you willmhave lots of fun ^^
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Welcome to MFC! Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Oyamatsumi 大山積命
Hello !
Welcome to you =)
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Welcome to the board Cerudays! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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