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Happy to receive PMs and FRs!

Guess I'll just write some stuff here about myself. owo"

Herrow, this is Chi. I'm known as ChihiroAyasato everywhere else.

I'm based in Melbourne, Australia.

I was born in Australia and raised by a Shanghainese family. Even though I'm Asian, I fail stereotypically and cannot maths or science for shizz. I'm good with languages and can draw to an extent tho.

Have quite a bit of selling experience through FB buy/sell groups. I mostly collect nendoroids and phone charms, but will collect scaled figures if they appeal to me now and then.

I'm a wannabe voice actor and have done characters such as China and Italy from Hetalia and Rika Furude from Higurashi for non profit projects online.

Some other irrelevant info:

- I usually prefer minor characters over main ones, because I think they don't get enough attention and main characters sometimes get an annoying amount of attention. (even though that's perfectly normal since they're MAIN characters but eh, I'm weird)
(I won't give examples of main characters I hate because I don't want return hate or to offend anyone)

- my pet bunny is a Netherland Dwarf

- currently studying Japanese in Monash University

- amateur artist

- I loathe Shingeki no Kyojin, don't talk to me about it. I'll just block you.

If you are selling any SFW Mia Fey merch, please PM me.

-will update later, I guess-


Happy birthday!
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Item arrived safely, great seller. Highly reccomend :D
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Item was shipped on time, very communicative, figure was packaged well. Highly recommended :)
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Hello, id like to check the Sachi SAO Figure, in DM. (didnt know i can dm because i was in a hurry but idk how to delete the comment now)
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Item shipped on time, great communication, packaged very securely. 10/10! :D
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Amazing seller! Great communication, very fast to ship items after payment items arrived safety and in perfect condition very pleased. Would definitely do business with again! :)
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ChihiroAyasato3 vuotta sitten#23657668Thanks for leaving feedback! Sorry, meant to get back to you sooner!
Great communication and prompt payment. Good buyer and friendly person in general <3

No worries! I also just managed to leave the feedback on the actual item (and not just on your profile) since I wasn't aware you actually put up a sales listing for it X'D

Thanks for the feedback! <3
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Great seller! Awesome communication, items arrived perfectly. Will definitely do business with again ❤️
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Welcome to the board ChihiroAyasato! :)

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